James Harden’s book of tricks

Main MVP candidate this year is James Harden. His Houston Rockets have the best score in the NBA, and they look like a team that can seriously disrupt the Warriors path to the Finals. Some were doubtful when they signed Chris Paul. They can’t play together, they’ll need two balls to play…

But this dynamic duo proved wrong everyone who doubted them. Especially James Harden. He’s playing his best season in the NBA, currently sits at number one in scoring and number three in assists. This season he’s had some fantastic games. Like scoring 50 in two games in a row, or dropping 60 on Orlando Magic where he also got a triple-double in that game. The only one in history who’s done that.

Clearly, he is the best-attacking player in the League with a number of moves which almost all are deadly. His dribbling moves are fast and unpredictable, step-back three-pointer is something that you simply can’t guard. You can just hope he’ll miss it. Also fantastic passer and finisher above the rim. One of the few players with such smooth Euro-step.

But for one thing, there is no match for  James Harden. Drawing fouls. He mastered the technique of absorbing the contact and leaning into the defender so he can draw the foul. Also when you get too close to him on the three-point line, he’ll rise up underneath your hands and probably draw three free throws.

Currently, he is first in the NBA in Free throw attempted with 709, in 70 games, which is over 10 FT per game. Antetokoumpo is behind him with 641 but with 4 games more than the Beard.

James Harden

This is what separates him from the rest. This makes him practically unguardable. If you come too close he’ll draw the foul or just blow past by you. If you’re too far he’s gonna punish you with the outside shot. Add in all of this great court vision and good passing and you have the perfect offensive player. You can just hope he’ll miss and that’s about it.


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