Good news for the Warriors

The day has finally come. The first playoff game is today and we couldn’t ask for more of the first game. Last years Western finalist are meeting again. Warriors vs Spurs. The great matchup where everything is open. But both team will be without their best player. Spurs will play without Leonard and Warriors without Curry.

Knee injury

Leonard-saga is dragging through the entire season and honestly, we’re not amused with that anymore. On the other side, Curry has been injured three times this season. He has played the least games since the 2011/12 season. His last injury was almost right after he came back. Zaza Pachulia landed awkwardly on his foot, and Curry hurt his knee.

Curry is back sooner rather than later

It was a serious injury and he missed the rest of the regular season. And by the first information, he was going to miss almost the entire playoffs. But latest news are much better for the actual champs. Curry has started with light training and yesterday he was evaluated once again. He has a good chance of returning in the second round of the playoffs. If the Warriors go through…

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1 Comment

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