5 Tribes Agreements

The Accord-in-Principle gives Oklahoma civil jurisdiction over everything within the reserve, except on the tiny percentage of the country within the reserves that is Indian trust or a restricted country. In addition, the agreement does not allow Oklahoma to tax tribes, tribal agents or tribal units, but does not provide a tax exemption for tribe members. Tribes also have an obligation – the one we owe to our ancestors. They believed that we would protect this new homeland, for which they have abandoned so much, for future generations, this new home where we have rebuilt our ceremonial reasons, our governments, our ways of life. And I hope that the trust they have shown us would force our tribal leaders to honor our ancestors and the sacrifices they have made in dedicating themselves and protecting our sovereignty. The tribes are the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole Indians in Oklahoma. Looking for a poster with the four Tribes Community Agreements? So look no further. This colorful poster will help your students remember the Tribes chords. Each poster is printed on a high-quality 80-leaf paper with a satin watery coating. On the ground in Oklahoma, the decision was immediately applied to the reserves of four other tribes – Cherokees, Seminoles, Choctavs and Chickasaws – who confirmed that much of eastern Oklahoma, which covers about 40% of the state, is in fact a reserve. For more than a century, Oklahoma had set aside the contractual rights of these five tribes.

In McGirt, the Supreme Court said these violations must stop. As with criminal justice, the agreement in principle expands Oklahoma`s civil jurisdiction. As I have already explained, tribes normally have civil jurisdiction (including tax administration) in their reserves with respect to (1) members of the tribe, (2) non-members who do business or reside on tribal trusts and restricted lands, and (3) non-members outside of trust and restricted countries (but within the reserve) whose conduct threatens political integrity , economic security or the health or well-being of the tribe. States cannot tax on their reserves the activities, income or property of tribes or tribes without a clear statement from Congress. However, many tribal citizens and supporters fear that the historic victory could be undermined by an “agreement in principle” published last week.

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