Aac Patent License Agreement

“We are very pleased that Via continues to play a leading role in recognizing and flexibility unique market conditions for China and other emerging markets through its licensing practices,” said Ira Blumberg, Vice President of Intellectual Property, Lenovo. “Via`s fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory approach to global licensing has allowed us to reach agreement on terms that reflect the fair value of selling products that implement patented technologies in markets around the world.” A patent license for the corresponding Fraunhofer IP is available directly from Fraunhofer. Please contact us for more information. A leading patent pool helps Xiaomi bring audio innovations to all SAN FRANCISCO – BEIJING—Xiaomi, a leading technology company based in China, and Via Licensing, the world leader in intellectual property solutions, have entered into an agreement that licenses Xiaomi to use patented technology in Via`s Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) patent pool. This technology, which is integrated into Xiaomi`s products sold worldwide, allows consumers to benefit from high-quality audio and high compression efficiency, allowing them to consume the amount of data and reduce the processing power required. A patent license for IP Fraunhofer is available “Via has shown that the AAC licensing model can manage unique market conditions, as in China, in a fair and efficient manner,” says Xiang Wang, senior vice president at Xiaomi. “Participating in more than 800 other AAFC licensees demonstrates Xiaomi`s commitment to providing our customers with the best user experience. This agreement helps ensure that our customers continue to benefit from high-quality audio data in markets around the world. The latest DRM specification imposes xHE-AAC, which is part of the AAC patent reserve. “We are very pleased to be working with Xiaomi`s highly professional and committed IP team to reach this agreement,” said Joe Siino, Via`s President.

“Xiaomi recognized value in our AAC patent pool and helped Via adapt fairly and reasonably to the unique dynamics of China and other emerging markets.” Philips licenses its essential patents for MPEG-4 Audio via VIA Licensing.

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