Advisory Council On Historic Preservation Programmatic Agreement

CONSIDERING that the provisions of the programme contained in the AOA have been incorporated into this agreement and will be withdrawn from the AOA after this agreement enters into force; and WHEREAS, the Director of the Florida Division of Historical Resources (FDHR) serves as the Florida State History Confirmation Officer (SHPO) and is responsible for Chapter 267, Florida Statutes (F.S.) (Florida Historical Resources Act), Sections 106 and 110 of the NHPA and 36 C.F.R. Part 800 for advising, supporting, verifying and consulting public and federal authorities in carrying out their missions to protect historic monuments; 11.B.1. In the 2013 Program Agreement (Agreement) for the Federal Aid Highway Program in Delaware, DelDOT Qualified Staff has identified the following potential historical/historical characteristics in the area of potential impact: DelDOT is committed, in consultation with SHPO, to assist in the development, verification and/or updating of historical contexts based on a synthesis of information from DelDOT projects and other related information. For more information on programming agreements, see the CHPA guidelines for contract documents. VIII. De minimis Impact Finding in accordance with section 4, point f). For the purpose of obtaining a de minimis finding pursuant to Section 4 (f) of the U.S. Department of Transportation Act of 1966, as amended, pursuant to 23 C.F.R. S. 774.3 (b) and 774.5 (b)). if it is involved, the ACHP, with an FDOT or, if necessary, a FHWA result of no historic properties, for a project as a whole, as defined at 36 C.F.R.

S. 800.4 (d) or no adverse effect, on a historical property determined in accordance with point 36 C.F.R. At its sole discretion, it is found that lands on the historic land that are subject to the “No or No Adverse Effects” finding are established. In these cases, no additional notification or coordination with the SHPO is required for this finding, unless there is a change in the business, the status of the historic property or the impact on the historic property.

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