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Under Maltese law, a lease agreement can be signed between two parties with the legal capacity to do so. It is forbidden to enter into a rental agreement in the following cases: the Maltese government applies a 15% tax on rental income that applies only to housing contracts. The tax introduced in January 2014 is paid by the lessor. Renewal of leases is not accompanied by a fee if the lease stipulates that the lease is automatically renewed each year. However, for leases that are renewed in the event of termination, they must be re-signed and the annual fee applies to 5 euros. Landlords are required to ensure that there is an adequate supply of utilities (water and electricity) and to highlight correct rates and bills, distributed proportionately among tenants. What should the lease consist of? The lease should say: -Property Details -The duration of the rental and if and how it can be extended. -An inventory of the property z.B. Furniture and appliances available and their current condition -The amount of rent and the deposit -The intended use as agreed What is the difference between short-term and long-term leases? Short-term contracts are contracts with a duration of between 6 months and one year. These include non-resident workers employed for less than six months, non-resident students registered for less than six months, residents who must rent a replacement principal residence for less than six months, and non-residents who must rent a rental home for less than six months, unless they are looking for a long residence in Malta.

applies to the contract and provide supporting documentation. Since the mandatory system for registering a rental contract for a landowner came into effect on January 1, 2020, the Housing Authority has set up a website to make such registrations. The Private Residential Leases Act (“Chapter 604 of Maltese Laws”) was developed in a way that provides for a greater bias in favour of tenants vis-à-vis landlords. This is what Parliament is doing to try to intervene in a rental market that is perceived to be perceived to it, where rent prices soar over a relatively short period of time. Intervention in market dynamics is always a complex issue, and no system does it perfectly. The purpose of this guide is not to comment on the validity or nullity of the law, but to provide a useful guide to landlords and tenants who wish to understand and navigate Malta`s private rent laws. There are still several areas that are not yet clear or are subject to their own interpretation, which is why both landlords and tenants are advised to be advised before entering into leases, especially for long-term leases, or in the case of leasing, or in other ways as an investment. Malta is located in southern Europe and is a small country with beautiful landscapes, a rich history and great tourist potential. Malta attracts not only tourists, but also people who come here for temporary jobs, which is why the rental market has grown strongly in recent years. Malta is also one of the European countries that has specific rules for leases. The Authority said in a statement that a tenant must register the lease within 10 days of signing the contract. Registration is free in 2020 as an incentive for homeowners.

What are the new duties of the owners? Owners are legally required to declare private leases within 10 days.

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