Seed Agreement Definition

Seed money, sometimes referred to as seed capital or seed capital, is a form of securities offering in which an investor invests capital in a start-up in exchange for a convertible stake or loan in the company. The concept of seed suggests that it is a very early investment to support the company until it can generate money (see cash flow) or until it is ready to invest more. Seed money options include friends and family financing, seed funds, angel financing and crowdfunding. [1] This is a common investment structure for seed investors. Investors will give the investment funds in the form of loans to the company, with the possibility of converting the loan into shares at a later date. The parties can also defer the entity`s valuation to a later date, for example. B after the next investment cycle, which converts credit debt into equity. FULL AGREEMENT. This agreement (including exhibits and timetables) constitutes, with the redefined Charter, full and total understanding and agreement between the parties on the purpose of this Agreement, and any other written or oral agreement regarding the purpose of this agreement, which exists between the parties, is expressly annulled.

If the buyer is an individual, the buyer resides in the state indicated at the buyer`s address on the signature page and/or Schedule 1; if the buyer is a company, a company, a limited liability company or another entity, it is the buyer`s head office or commercial office in which his head office is identified at the buyer`s address or address on the signature page and/or Schedule 1. If the buyer does not have a home in the United States, this purchaser hereby undertakes to provide such additional assurances and guarantees regarding the status of a buyer as an established buyer in the United States, as can reasonably be required by the company, and to execute and provide such documents or agreements, as can reasonably be required of the company as a precondition for the purchase and sale of shares of The Seed Stock Series by that purchaser.

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