Total Crew Cost Collective Bargaining Agreement

2 4 Each sailor signs an MLC-compliant employment contract for seafarers. 2 5 The documentation requested by the flag state is carried out at the company`s expense. Non-marines, 3 1 Neither sailors nor other persons on board, whether permanent or temporary employment by the company. cargo handling services in a port located at a terminal or on board a ship in which dockers work. Members of an ITF-affiliated union provide handling services, if not sufficient. The number of qualified dockworkers available to the ship`s crew can do the work, provided this is done beforehand. The agreement of the ITF Dockers Union or the ITF of the Union, provided that each sailor volunteers. these seafarers are qualified and duly compensated for this work. The purpose of this clause may include cargo handling services, but is not limited to loading the control device. 3 2 When a vessel is in a port where there is a formal commercial dispute with a dockworkers` union linked to the ITF.

no cargo transactions that could affect the resolution of the dispute can be carried out. The company will not take sanctions against seafarers who respect such a trade dispute between dockworkers. and such a legitimate act of the sailor should not be considered a violation of the sailor`s employment contract. if this act is lawful in the country where it is met. 3 3 For crew members compensation for work done during the normal work week in accordance with the section. 5 is done by paying the schedule 2 rate of hours and sub-hours for every hour or part of the hour that this work is. In addition to the base salary, work done outside the normal work week is carried out. 3 4 For the application of Sections 3 1 and 3 2, the specific conditions under Schedule 7 may apply. at this CBA, duration of employment, 4 1 A sailor is hired for 9 nine months, and this period may be extended or reduced by one month. Operational Comfort Employment is automatically terminated under this agreement.

the first arrival of the vessel in port after the expiry of this period, unless the company operates a permanent operation of the vessel. Work system, service time, 5 1 Normal hours of service are eight hours per day from Monday to Friday included. 6 1 Any period of service that exceeds eight is paid by overtime, the overtime rate is 1 25 hours. The hourly rate calculated according to the base salary of the category concerned and the hours of work per week. 6 2 At least 103 hours of guaranteed overtime are paid each month to each sailor. 6 3 additional hours are recorded individually and in two copies either by the master or by the division head. 6 4 Such a person, confirmed by the master or by a person authorized by the master, is accessible to the sailor. The month in which the sailor is offered to confirm the minutes after the confirmation of the minutes, it is final at the end of the. its contract a copy is made available to the sailor, this information is not already contained in. Sailor`s Account Documents A sailor may request a printed copy of his overtime records at any time. its contractual duration, 6 5 additional hours of work in case of emergency, directly affecting the direct safety of the ship to its passengers.

the crew or summons, of which the master is the sole judge, or for the safety exercises or work necessary to support it. other vessels or persons in imminent danger do not count for overtime. 6 6 In the absence of prescribed overtime registration over the sailor in the 1963s and 19640s, a lump sum is paid monthly. Overtime calculated at an additional rate of 160 hours per hour, without prejudice to any other claim.

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