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You agree to the following terms and conditions to access the ATCC genomic data site under and to view and/or download data or other information. External consulting agreements are considered personal agreements between the wcm faculty member and the company. Therefore, WCM does not offer legal verification or negotiation support for such agreements or otherwise represents faculty members as individuals. However, to protect wcm, the University Counsel requires that a non-negotiable addendum be signed by the company and included in any employee advisory agreement. The faculty member also needs the approval of its president to follow external advice and must update his conflict of interest file. For more information on conflict disclosure, click here. The initial motivation for our work was HPR, which required a secure IT environment, in accordance with HIPAA standards and other rules, to analyze identifiable data from Medicare, WCM/NYP health systems and other sources. Although Cornell University offers a safe virtual analytics environment in Ithaca, New York, this institution is not part of the entity covered by Weill Cornell Medicine HIPAA and therefore does not be suitable for many types of patient-centered data. One approach to solving this problem is a secure virtual computing environment. To our knowledge, very few studies have described the infrastructure for safe analysis. The University of Utah described its adaptation of high-performance infrastructure (HPC) to HIPAA-regulated patient data storage for teacher and staff analysis (1). In three years, the protected environment, which limited access under the IRB protocol, has increased from three to 58 users.

Although the study described technical infrastructure and early use statistics, regulated data management procedures or financial sustainability plans were not detailed. PopData British Columbia described the use of a secure remote computing environment to access health data (2). However, the system only allowed access to records previously decrypted by a separate process. no identifiable data was allowed. In addition, the study presented only limited details on the technological approach. Neither study described the use of resources to support education. An additional description of effective secure computing environments to support research and education can inform practitioners and academic evaluation efforts. Compared to data warehouse clinical trials (3-10), the design and implementation of secure computer environments for sensitive data is much less well known. This case report aims to describe an effective approach to securing the processing of sensitive data in a university medical centre. Package installations are done on demand, with self-service updates, as data access allows.

Full development environments are not yet envisaged. Some projects have also implemented clear software requirements that require a configuration between the Data Core project environment and an SQL database server. This involves a series of consultations between Data Core curators, technical staff and users. First, vendors clarify the necessary user scan/processing results, which may contain necessary software and workflow suggestions. The technical team then determines which software and work processes are consistent with project management, safety and technical regulations and that are realistically feasible.

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