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effective date: the date the treaty came into force (no effect); as a general rule, when the rights and obligations of the parties take effect on a different date from the conclusion of the contract. In this way, the contract refers to a formal and binding agreement which, for its validity, requires the existence of certain elements (offer – acceptance – consideration), whereas the agreement would be before the formalization (execution) of the contract. Completion date: the completion date of the operation; the date on which the contract transaction is formalized, at which certain conditions are met and necessary to complete it. However, the signing date is generally referred to as the “execution date” in English, whereas in Spanish it is customary to refer to the “date of the conclusion of the contract.” It is interesting to note that it is not possible to translate these sentences literally (although there are those who insist), because we would be in any case in the presence of a counterson. early termination date: early termination date; The date on which one of the parties terminates the contract for non-compliance with its counterparty`s obligations before the expiry of the total term initially agreed between them. However, we will try to explain to you the meaning and scope of these three terms so that you know how they are used or what they mean if you find them in a document. Departure date: the end of health and safety relations; the day the employee is dismissed or voluntarily separated from his place of work if his contract is unlimited (work contract at will). due date (including due date): due date, date indicated for repayment of credit (non-time); the date provided by a contract or credit document for the accredited subscriber or subscriber to make the payment and full account of the charge, interest and other legal accessories. Return to work date: return to work date; the employer attracts the attention of employees who, for reasons that go beyond their performance (dismissed workers), to return to their service due to a change in circumstances in the company. End of employment: date of termination of employment under the contract; the date indicated in the contract when the worker concludes the benefit to the employer. In these and other branches, we find several data and other delays that, if the words used lead us to a clear meaning, must be studied to understand their use and effects and try to give them a correct expression in Spanish. Thus, “execution date” would be “execution date,” which would be interpreted as the date on which the obligated person must fulfill the contractual obligation (i.e.

what is known in Spanish as “execution of the contract,” which would then be “execution date”). On the other hand, if we literally translate into English, the term “contract celebration date” would be “the date of the celebration of the contract,” which would make us think about when the parties meet in a bar or in company to celebrate the conclusion of an agreement by signing a contract, which would certainly happen hours or days after signing; this meaning in Spanish would be a kind of “date to celebrate the success of the negotiations.” Expiry date (including termination date): contract expiry date (no expiry date); the day the parties terminate their commitments and resolve outstanding issues.

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