Boston University Housing Agreement

If you live on campus, you`ll find yourself in the middle of the action. Everything is as it is. Your classes, friends, teachers, endless study opportunities, extraordinary ones, a vibrant social life and award-winning gastronomic offerings. Choose from a wide and versatile mix of residences that are all safe and secure. The best? We guarantee accommodation every four years. Sanctions and education and counselling programs are generally applicable to minors of alcohol and the useThe offences that take place in university residences. In appropriate circumstances, tougher penalties may be imposed, especially when the amount of alcohol is excessive (for example. B a case of beer or a litre of alcohol) and when a person provides alcohol to people under the age of 21. If other unacceptable behaviours – such as fights, sexual assaults or property damage – are related to alcohol injury, additional penalties may be imposed on this behaviour. Second offences are rare and third offences are rare. Penalties for a third offence will include, among other things, the separation of the construction of university housing.

Although the university was originally a suburban school, it now guarantees all students four-year accommodation on campus. This is a challenge given the size of the BU`s student population and its urban environment. BU has achieved this goal every year, often using hotels in the vicinity, although since the fall of 2009, with the completion of its new 960-bed 26-story residence, the school says it has accommodated all students who wish to live on campus without using the hotel space. [4] We understand that the pandemic and the Learn From Anywhere (LfA) hybrid model in the spring semester of 2021 may have influenced your housing plans for the spring campus. “It would be dishonest if the university did not extend this flexibility and include housing construction,” Gonzalez said. The university extended the transfer period for the first year, transfer and continuing education of students who filed a deposit on campus in the fall, to opt for a distance study due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Those who do have credited the $600 housing deposit in their student account. If you want to secure on-campus accommodation for the next academic year, you must sign up for an autumn apartment reservation and deposit a housing guarantee payment until a specific date. You then have the right to choose a room or apartment inside a particular residence as well as a roommate as part of the spring room selection process. Information on the selection procedure for the premises can be found on the Website of the Housing Authority.

In combination with accommodation costs, meal plans can make rooms and food quite expensive.

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