Services Provider License Agreement (Spla)

If you decide that SPLA is the right choice, you`ll need comprehensive policies and procedures when Microsoft audits you because you`re being monitored. Scott & Scott, LLP has represented SPLA suppliers in Microsoft audit business since 2005. If you have any questions about whether you need an SPLA or if you are advocating for a Microsoft SPLA audit, we can help. Microsoft Corp.`s contract must be approved within two weeks. Microsoft and LOL Cloud send a welcome email with details about your new SPLA agreement. Even the physical contract that has been signed and approved is sent directly by Microsoft. LOL Cloud sends the signed subcontract. Microsoft`s standard usage rights prohibit the use of infrastructure for commercial hosting. Therefore, commercial hosting companies need an SPLA. Assuming that non-anonymous third parties have access to the hosted solution, the most important question you should ask yourself is: “Does the licensee have access to software applications or data used for the operation of third parties?” If the answer is yes, host for third parties, and you might need an SPLA. Robert represents small and medium-sized businesses in software licensing transactions and litigation with major software companies such as Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. He has defended more than 250 software audit issues initiated by software piracy business groups such as BSA and siia.

He advises some of the world`s largest companies on information technology, including intellectual property licensing, risk management, data protection and outsourcing. SPLA stands for Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA). The main difference between an SPLA license and a license that comes with a packaged product (much like something you`d buy from a retail store) is the person using the software. The software you buy from a retail store can only be used by the person who bought it. SPLA, on the other hand, is designed for hosting companies that offer software to their customers as a service. This is for third-party access, not for the internal employee. For example, if a company wants to host an Exchange server on behalf of another organization, the exchange license required for that access would be SPLA. Some other common examples of organizations using SPLA are companies like Rackspace, Go Daddy. SPLA is a monthly licensing program.

If a service provider has 10 users who have access to the software in February, it would pay for those 10 users during the first week of March. In March, if they have 10 users, they would report those 10 users in the first week of April and so on. SPLA is very flexible, it allows the use of monthly scales up and down. It is not permanent, after the end of the service contract, no one owns the licenses. Imagine SPLA as a software rental program designed for hosting companies that want to offer Microsoft software as a service….

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