Clash of the Titans

Last night we had a battle between the Master and the Student. This time the Student was victorious. We saw a great game in Philly, both Lebron and Simmons had great games, and we could really enjoy to see them battle.

As always in their games, Sixers took an early lead. They blow out the Cavs in the first quarter, picked them apart and got 41 on the scoreboard at the end of the quarter. The story continued in the second period, Sixers were in front and took command of the game. By halftime they were leading by 30 points. You think they could relax now and play it slowly and calmly by the end of the game. In normal circumstances they could, but Lebron James is not “normal”.

The King was a beast in the second half. He started to score and finished the quarter with 21 points. Sixers were worried by now.Lebron James continued to relentlessly score the ball, he hit successive 3-pointers in the fourth that helped pull Cleveland to 111-109. We had a ball game now.

Fortunately for Sixers Redick scored a three-pointer, and Lebron James didn’t convert his free throws and the very end of the game, so they took their deserved victory. Now Sixers overtook the Cavs and sit in third place on the East and they have 13 wins in a row. Bear in mind they were missing two key player in Joel Embiid.

Ben Simmons was brilliant, he managed to get a triple-double. He scored 27 points, got 15 rebounds and 13 assists. Redick was also brilliant with 28 points. King James finished the game with 44 points and 11 rebounds and assists.

Photo: NBC Sports

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