Will Warriors and Durant make a deal?

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Last years the NBA title was brought back to Oakland. Kevin Durant was the MVP and he finally got his first ring. After the title, he decided to make a deal with Warriors and cut his salary. Warriors then managed to sign Iguodala and Livingston and kept the championship core. It was a 2-year deal, but with a player option after the first season. Now, Durant decided to opt out of contract and decided to negotiate the terms with the Warriors.

Simply he wants more money, and there are three viable options for him.

Option A

Similar to the last time Kevin Durant can sing another two year deal with the player option in season 2019/20. In the first yeard he will make 30 million $, and in his second-year salary will be increased to 31,5 milion$. This is an option if Durant wants to wait for the salary cap to increase, probably in 2019 and he’ll qualify for Super Max. That means Kevin Durant can sign a whopping 219 million deal for 5 years. Biggest contract in the history of the NBA.

Option B

Immediately cut to the chase and sign a long-term deal. Max contract which will bring Kevin Durant 158 milion$ in 4 years. His salary would start at 35,3 million and finished at 43,8 million in the last year.

Option B

Similar money like the option B but the contract would last for three years. Kevin would have a player option after the second year, but in 2021 salary cap would be even higher than in the option A. So Durant would eventually get more money. The supermax contract worth 224 million $ on 5 years and now Durant can add a no-trade clause.

So three option, not cheap for the Warriors. Their luxury tax will skyrocket through the roof. Bare in mind they signed Curry for the max deal, and after Durant next in line are Green and Thompson. Can the Warriors keep their Super Team and stay in some reasonable luxury tax?

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