First victims of the regular season

As soon as the last game finished two teams decided to sack their head coaches. As expected. New York Knicks and Orlando Magic are two teams that will have a new head coach in the next season. Both teams had a terrible season and their dues had to be paid. So Frank Vogel and Jeff Hornacek lost their jobs.

One of the clueless franchises in the NBA is Orlando Magic. So this change was somehow expected. Magic is a team with no future, they don’t have a plan. They don’t develop young players, Isaac had a terrible season, they got rid of Peyton for a second round pick?! Hezonja started to play when they decided to get rid of him… And they’re miles away from the playoff. So Frank Vogel wasn’t the only one to blame, but he didn’t do a good job. Especially on defense, and he is primarily a coach that bases his game on defense.

The second victim was Jeff Hornacek. This is the Knicks, so nothing can surprise us with them. They had a terrible season, but they lost their franchise player in Porzignis. Clearly the best player on the team. So playoff hopes were crushed with that. Hornacek just started to solve the puzzle, they were decent before the Zingis injury. But the decision was to sack him. Favorites for his place are Mark Jackson and Doc Rivers.

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