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After the drama in Minneapolis, we’ve found out who is the last participant in the NBA playoffs. Wolves have fought their way in overtime against the Nuggets and they’ll go onto the Rockets in the first round. Here are all of the matchups in the coming NBA playoffs.

West coast

1 Houston Rockets –  8 Minnesota Timberwolves

Jokić and the Nuggets failed and KAT, Butler and the crew will go on to face the Rockets. Houston had the best season in the franchise history, they were the best team in the League and Harden will probably win the MVP award. Butler is crucial for the Wolves and if he manages to stop Harden and score 20+ on the other end Wolves will have a small chance to win this. But in every other scenario Rockets will go through.

2 Golden State Warriors – 7 San Antonio Spurs

Duel of the wounded teams. Curry and Leonard will miss the first round and both teams can’t count on their best player. This is probably the toughest draw for the champs. Popovic and the Spurs simply can’t be written off at the start and Warriors will have to bring their A-game to go through.

3 Portland TrailBlazers – 6 New Orleans Pelicans

Two teams that surprised us all. Blazers snatched their 3rd spot back and now they’ll go on to face Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. After Boogie got injured nobody gave any chance to the Pelicans. But The Unibrow thought different. He played out of his mind and with the help of Holiday, Rondo and Mirotic Pelicans are a viable threat in the postseason.

4 Oklahoma City  Thunder – 5 Utah Jazz

First of all, Congratulations to Mister Westbrook. He wrote history once again and managed to get a triple-double average second season in a row. Well done. But in order to pass the Jazz two other will have to wake up. Melo and George are crucial for this team and they need to step up. On the other side, we’ll see how Mitchell is going to play in the playoffs after an excellent regular season.

East Coast

1 Toronto Raptors – 8 Washington Wizards

Probably the easiest possible draw for the East champs. Raptors, like the Rockets, had the best season in franchise history. Now they’ll face the Wizards. In the capital city of America, things aren’t going well. Wall is in a constant fight with other players and the tension is high. We’ll see if they’ll manage to get through this.

2 Boston Celtics – 7 Milwaukee Bucks

In the last game Bucks “intentionally” lost so they could get wounded Celtics. Boston is probably the unluckiest team in the NBA. Both Irving and Hayward are out for the season. That means that the Celtics are waiting for the next season to attack the throne. Bucks are finally healthy. And they got Bledsoe now. They could easily go through this round if they play their cards well.

3 Philadelphia 76ers – 6 Miami Heat

Trust the process! Sixers are currently the best team in the NBA. They have 16 wins in a row. They couldn’t time their form more perfectly. On the other side, the Heat is a very good team. Balanced, good defensive team with great coach. They aren’t outsiders here and Sixers will have to bring their best to win it.

4 Cleveland Cavaliers – 5 Indiana Pacers

Same as the last year. Cavs vs Pacers in the first round. But this year there isn’t going to be a blowout. Pacers are stronger than the last year and Cavs are weaker. Lebron was a monster this regular season but the rest of his crew wasn’t up to their task. This can be a problem in the playoffs. Pacers will have their chance for sure.

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