“Harden is the most unguardable player ever”

Last night the best team in the NBA opened their playoff run. Houston Rockets beat the Wolves, and one player dominated. Main MVP candidate James Harden had “one of his nights” and totally crushed the Wolves. He scored 44 points and in last 18 minutes, Harden scored 25.

Brilliant offense from one of the best offensive players in the NBA. He proved that he is the right choice for the MVP award. He scored in all sorts of ways. Three-pointers, drive, step back… It doesn’t matter to James Harden. He just scores. He once again proved why he got the Scoring title.

James Harden’s book of tricks

Harden is the most unguardable player ever

Sir Charles Barkley agrees with the statement that Harden is the best offensive player in the League. But he even goes one step further. He was asked one question after the game on TNT show -“Who is the best scorer: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, George Gervin, Kevin Durant or  James Harden?”- For Charles the answer was simple, he’s going with the Beard.

-“James Harden might be the most unguardable player I’ve ever seen.”- said, Charles. Shaq didn’t totally agree with him. He’s going with his former teammate – Kobe Bryant1 but said that Harden is surely Top 5.

Also, the Wolves coach said that his team will have a tough time stopping Harden. -“James is that type of player. We’ve seen it all year. Very difficult to guard. Basically, you have to guard him with your whole team. It’s not just his scoring, but his playmaking. All the things that he does.

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