Lue is criticising The King

Things didn’t go as planned for the Cavs. In the first game, Pacers dominated them at home. Cavs looked awful and Pacers have shown them what is real playoff basketball. In offense and in defense. Cavs couldn’t stop Oladipo, and the besides Lebron nobody could score on the Cavs team. Pacers were investing more energy, they played great and deserved the win.

Now Cavs need to change something for the Game 2. Coach Lue sees the problem in Lebron James. Clearly his best player. -“He has to be aggressive and set the tone early,” – said Lue. -“We talked about that today … being aggressive early, setting the tone, especially for these new guys, bringing these guys along. He understood that, but once again, he’s always a guy trying to get his teammates off early, get them guys going, then try to feel the game out. But be ready to set a tone.”– told Lue about the King.

But there is a catch. Lue is criticising James, the only player that put up some performance in Game 1. Everybody else was awful. Green couldn’t hit anything, he went literally scoreless from the field. Love was 3/8 from the field, Korver played only 5 minutes. The only one who played decently was JR Smith. And that is a rare sight this year.

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