Residential Lease Agreement Philippines

Good morning. We have a problem with our tenant. They rent our business unit and they only paid a month in advance. Now our dilemma, they didn`t pay their electricity and water bills for 2 months, they also built a bldg. next to our unity (which is still under our territory) without our permission. We tried to politely ask them to evacuate the area because we have plans to build something of them, but they got angry and told us that we are not allowed to evacuate the area. Can you help me? The tenant can terminate the lease at any time. The tenant may also withhold rents if the landlord refuses to make the necessary repairs or not to keep the tenant in peace and enjoyment of the rented property. Hello, we live in Buho, near Tagaytay, in an apartment. Our rent is 3,500 a month. We have been here two years, never lagging behind on rent or utilities. Our owner told us two months ago that we had to get out because he needs his place. We`ve been here two months.

We couldn`t find a suitable place to move. I went today to pay the rent, or discuss an agreement to extend another month or even half a month. Our landlord won`t answer his door. We know he`s angry. I see in your information here that we are entitled to three months` notice in this case. It`s true? We`re in Buho, Silang, Cavite. Our course our owner has more train with the local barangay than us. What are our rights? Thank you, Eric King. I would like to ask, the son of my owner forces us to evacuate the place because he agrees with him, his father is not the rightful owner, but his mother.

and his mother. Mom and Dad are separated. Is that legal? We should evacuate the place. How about our expenses for the renovation of the premises? What about our bail? the son told us to get it from his father. His father, by the way, is recently in prison. I don`t know what his expenses are. That`s why the son takes over. He wants to rent the place to someone else with a higher price. Please advise me. Thank you. We are a new tenant yard in just 2 weeks my new landlord – I voted for a deposit 1 month 1 month before and when I gave her a good receipt only and advised us to move whenever we wanted (she already gave us the key to the house), while she was preparing for our lease. In the verbal agreement, we first agreed all repairs such as door lock, electrical wiring (switches that don`t work), roof leaks (all over the entire kitchen, living room and bedroom, it`s a total mess) and house paints to deduct it in our monthly rent.

We do all the repairs (because the condition of the house is not worth living), but due to its location we decide to know that we can solve it, but after our transfer, when our owner visited the place they look amazed with the changes and after a few days on our 12th day, it serves us with the contract of only six months for them need the space and an additional prepayment of 1 month at our 2 mos deposit, because they recognize that there are normal advance fees and indicated in the contract are not used for monthly rents or is not for an additional 2 months as notice to evacuate the place.

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