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Under the old law, there was no waiting to enter a buyout. The new law stipulates that the parties must have a cooling-off period before reaching an agreement. The new rule aims to reduce the pressure on a deal. At Zacks, Freedman and Patterson, PC, we have the experience, and we use it to solve problems. The content of this site is intended for general information and is not intended as legal advice. If we can be helpful in your buyback negotiations, call 415.956.8100 or email Justin A. Goodman for advice. There are currently 12 offers at 500K now…. Thus, a buyback would be a sufficient down payment after taxes….. Following legal challenges, the courts upheld a First Amendment landlord`s right to negotiate a lease with a tenant, and those precedents opened the floodgates to a flood of tenant purchases.

To be effective, a sales contract must comply with the requirements of Section 37.9E (f) of the Rent Regulation, which requires, among other things, that the contract be entered into in writing and that it will contain a statement indicating that the tenant may terminate the contract at any time before the 45th day following the signing of the contract by all parties. A buy-back contract that does not meet the requirements of Section 37.9E (f) is ineffective and may be revoked at any time by the tenant. At the height of the tenant buy-back agreements, it would appear that our office negotiated at least one buyout every day. Although not common lately, buyback agreements remain a viable way to evict tenants from their rental units by offering a lump sum payment in return for the evacuation of the unit. This vehicle can be particularly attractive if there are no convenient legal reasons to force a tenant to leave. In the past, owners made buy-back contracts to look like forced evictions. They filed eviction actions (where there was no basis for deportation) under the terms of a buy-back agreement. These complaints were then used as a means of imposing buyouts when a tenant could not move. This also allowed landlords not to consider an agreement as a buyout or to submit it to the tenants` room. Although our experience has shown that a properly negotiated tenant buyout is a win-win situation, that the injection of money has catapulted many tenants into serente and that tenants are not as gullible as some supporters would you believe, the Tenant Council and the San Francisco Board of Directors have adopted an amendment to the city`s rent regulations, known as Section 37.9E. In other places, it is quite unusual for legislation to be enacted to govern the negotiation and agreement of the parties, but Section 37.9E has done just that.

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