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Indeed, at the end of the Security Council`s visit to Myanmar, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi issued a press release in which she stated that “it was the right time” to strengthen cooperation with the United Nations in the area of Rakhine State and expressed confidence that the Council`s visit would be “an important turning point in this regard”. [fn] Press release, Ministry of the State Council Office, Naypyitaw, 1 May 2018.See footnote This signal, coupled with the appointment of President Win Myint at the end of March 2018, which could lead to a redistribution of political authority within the government, could pave the way for changes in the government`s approach. It will be extremely difficult to move towards longer-term solutions through the implementation of the recommendations of the Annan Commission. The social, political and strategic implications of this crisis for Bangladesh are complex at all levels. Host communities – neglected by Dhaka at the best of times – are already feeling the burden. While there is no disagreement in political and political circles about the intractable crisis, there is widespread reluctance to acknowledge it, as it would poorly reflect the Bangladeshi government`s ability to protect its sovereignty and could be interpreted as a tacit acceptance of ethnic cleansing. Public sympathy for the Rohingya will not last forever and the current situation will likely develop in an unpredictable way. . . .

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